11 th International Conference of Chemistry & its Role in Development

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are very delighted to invite you to participate in the 11th International Conference on Chemistry and its Role in Development (11th ICCRD) which will be held at Mansoura/Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, March11-14, 2013.

The conference aims to bring together scientists from industry, universities and research institutes to discuss modern academic and industrial aspects of various fields of development in science and technology of materials. We cordially welcome you to experience all these and have an informative and enjoyable time in Egypt.

11th ICCRD deals with the following topics of chemistry:
1. Analytical
2. Inorganic
3. Organic
4. Physical
5. Environmental
6. Applied Chemistry (Material Science, Polymer, Petroleum, Radiation, Dyes,..)
7. Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Medicinal Chemistry.
Also, there are many meetings and talks in industrial applications and water treatment (Industry Forum; Recent Technical and Environmental Impact).

How About Conference Language ?

English will be the official language of the conference. No simultaneous translation is available.

Call For Papers

  • Oral and Poster Presentations are encouraged.
  • Abstracts must be received by Mars 3, 2011.

Posters will be allocated within a space of 1.0 m high and 0.8 m wide. The posters should be headed with the title as well as the names and addresses of the authors as submitted in the abstract and contain a clear survey of the research data. Scheduling of posters will be announced in the final program.

You can visit for more details.

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