12th ESC Conference- Myths and misconceptions versus evidence on contraception

ESC invite you to Athens for the 12th Congress of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (20-23 June 2012).

The title of the congress “Myths and misconceptions versus evidence on contraception” reflects that despite dissemination of information, the availability of contraceptives and the achievements in the fields of reproductive health, there are still misconceptions, bordering even to obsession. These misconceptions greatly affect the will of couples to rely on contraception therefore limiting its use.

Studies have shown that where contraceptive use is inaccessible or of low quality, there are harmful consequences on people’s reproductive health, especially to the younger age groups. Furthermore, well conducted studies have demonstrated great deficiencies in the knowledge of contraception and the existence of misconceptions even among medical doctors, including gynaecologists.

Presentations based on the results of evidence based studies should reveal the truth about contraception and dispel the common myths and misconceptions. We have the ambition and the decisiveness to contribute to the achievement of this goal with the organisation of the 12th ESC Congress.

The format of the congress will be similar to the successful 11th Congress in The Hague with a wide variety of topics and sessions. A considerable proportion of the scientific programme will be interactive, including meet the expert sessions and workshops.

There is no better place in Europe to discuss these topics than the beautiful city of Athens. Athens is a unique city, combining the splendour of its ancient past with the radiance of modern, living capital. Innumerable cultural venues, leading museums and sites of immense archeological importance make Athens a city of unsurpassed cultural heritage. All in one Athens offers a visitor experience that is second to none.

June marks the first summer month in Greece so it is ideal to tag a short holiday on to your stay: unique destinations and today’s beauties await to impress you: historic and cultural heritage, wonderful beaches, night life, pituresque villages.

About ESC

The European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC) was founded on December 26, 1988 in Paris, France.

The aims of the Society are as follows:

  • To provide information on contraception and reproductive health care in the countries of Europe and to improve access to it.
  • The harmonisation of the legal situation in this field in the countries of Europe.
  • To promote availability of all established methods of contraception in these countries.
  • To commission and carry out epidemiological and sociological studies and other types of research on contraception and reproductive health care in the countries of Europe.
  • To co-operate with appropriate organisations and institutions sharing the Society’s aims throughout the world, in particular to share knowledge and experience of contraception.

Congress secretariat

For all information regarding the Society and the Congress, please contact:
ESC Central Office
Opalfeneweg 3,
B-1740 Ternat, Belgium
T +32 2 582 08 52
F +32 2 582 55 15
[email protected]

Congress venue

The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
Vas. Sofias & Kokkali
115 21 Athens, Greece


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