2nd Annual International Conference on Information Technology Security

The 2nd Annual International Conference on Information Technology Security will be held from 24 Nov 2011 -25 Nov 2011 in Singapore. Despite budget cuts made overall, a lot of companies didn’t compromise onto it security. The reason being much of our everyday life is dependent on computers. We check our emails and visit social networking sites many times a day. For a lot of industries, emailing is a very common mode of communication and that we often ignore the stability and security in our software.

Annual International Conference on Information Technology Security

With computer hackers becoming more and more sophisticated and also the number of emerging threats rising, you should equip ourselves using the right preventive steps. IT security problems arise not just from external sources, but additionally from careless behavior. This is often easily solved by giving relevant training and continuing awareness communications and activities for employees and students.

IT security describes a company’s capability to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility to their data and transactions. The present standards for this security are ISO 27001 standard and NIST 800 standard series.

Because the requirement for IT security expands, same goes with the influx of security programs. Therefore, it is vital to be up to date and educated using the right information to focus on your respective needs. The IT security conference will discuss a variety of topics from different preventive techniques and choosing the best one for the business.
The conference program provides insightful plenary and keynote addresses, stimulating technical sessions, seminars and panel discussions, poster sessions and multiple social as well as networking possibilities. You can visit the event website at http://www.itsecurityconf.org/ for more details.

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