ARCHTHEO 2011-Theory of Architecture Symposium

Architectural theory can be defined as a unity of contradictions that has been one of the factors having paved the way of the architectural practice in the modern world.  From Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye to slums, from urban transformations triggered by the French Revolution to  the construction workers’ strikes,  from Bauhaus to the contemporary tendencies of architectural education, from avantgarde movements to architectural fashions, from Newton’s definition of universal space, to the phenomenological studies on user perception, from Postmodernism’s global impacts to Lefebvre’s daily life scale, from an activist manner in design to critical sharp-tongued approachs –all these extremes exist in the wide spectrum of architectural theory.

archtheo 2011
Isn’t it also possible to observe an almost independent theoretical production most often than not?  Nothing been touched by architecture was left out of the interest of theory so far. To deal with the theoretical debates of architecture in its own specific ground instead of in the context of another field or in the course of practice is a rare encountered tendency. How can an independent existence of architectural theory be defined in order to contribute to the correlation of architecture with other intellectual disciplines in a dynamic and versatile way?

ARCHTHEO 2011 hits the road, with all these questions and components that Theory includes, in order to discuss “theory for the sake of the theory” to remember the beauty of the theory and as a beginning to trace every single drop of architectural thinking.
ARCHTHEO 2011 will take place from 23rd-26th November 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. Being hosted by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, ARCHTHEO 2011 will bring together wide-ranging multidisciplinary approaches from scholars and architects to discuss the “architectural theory for the sake of the theory”.   François Roche, Prof. Dr. Edward Casey and Prof. Dr. Fritz Neumeyer will be attending the symposium as keynote speakers.

Architectural Texts

  • Representation of space in the fictional narration and fictional places
  • The form and language of spatial description (visual, narrative, audio etc.)
  • Architectural criticism
  • The history of architectural historiography and possible approaches
  • “Die Theorie an sich”: Manifests
  • Concepts of space and place in history of philosophy

Backgrounds of Architecture

  • Determination of political power
  • Social transformation, revolutions and counter revolutions
  • Architecture from the perspective of social sciences (sociology, psyhochology etc.)
  • The portrait of architect as an intellectual
  • Institutions of architecture (education, administration, networks, communication)
  • Theoretical problems of architectural education

Architectural Theories

  • The relationship of theory and practice
  • Structural analysis of architectural theories
  • Ideological and historical dimensions of architectural communication and representation methods (drawings, models, diagrams, digital design techniques etc.)
  • Definitions of architecture: Art And/or Engineering
  • Possibility of critical and oppositional attitudes in architecture
  • History of “architectural theory for the sake of the theory”

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+90 212 252 16 00 / 277
Fine Arts University of Mimar Sinan
Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi, No:24 Fındıklı
34427 Istanbul, Turkey

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  1. Miss Tabassum Siddiqui says:

    Nice to hear about the conference. Wish all the success of the Conference.
    Greetings From NEPAL a least developed and friend country of Turkey

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