Art Across Frontiers: Cross-Cultural Encounters in America

College Conference: An international symposium funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art

This conference will be held at University of Nottingham, University Park, 27-28 AprilĀ  2011.

Some US and UK speakers is going to talk about cross-cultural encounters between Euro- Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, and Latinos in the visual arts, along with cross- border associations amongst US art and the Americas.

This conference organized by University of Nottingham and the Terra Foundation for American Art. The conferenceĀ  is going to support members to consider across ethnic, cultural, regional, and national borders, to match styles of cross-cultural exchange amongst diverse ethnic and regional communities in the U . S ., as well as you can put visual arts just a diasporic context. Especially, the conferenceĀ  is going to look at the strategies in which cross-cultural exchange fostered opportunities for innovative cooperation and aesthetic analysis, and fresh styles of identity, agency, appropriation, and counter-appropriation.

You can view the event website at for more details.

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