Business Innovation: A Legal Balancing Act

If you are students in Italy, this article is good news for you. Upcoming college conference will be held on 2 to 4 May 2011 in Prato, Tuscany, Italy, with the theme: Business Innovation: A Legal Balancing Act, Perspectives from IP, Labour and Employment, Competition and Corporate Laws. This conference organized by Faculty of Law, Monash University, Italy.

Conference Description: This conference was inspired by the issues that arose in recent litigation in the Australian Federal Court in University of Western Australia v Gray regarding ownership of employee inventions in a university. The themes for this international conference are the analysis of the topical issue of protecting business research and development in the context of several areas of law – IP, Labour and Employment, Competition and Corporate Laws. The sessions will evaluate the impact of each of these areas on this issue using discipline specific perspectives. They will also explore the extent to which such perspectives are influenced by the others and whether a more harmonized approach is necessary to provide appropriate protection. Approaches of the common law and civil jurisdictions, particularly the EU, will be used to inform and provide guidance to the analysis of emerging issues in this field.  The legal issues will be explored from theoretical and applied frameworks.

Conference Participants: this conference is gping to attract legal practitioners, academics, postgraduate students, policy makers and those responsible for business innovation in both public and private research institutes.

Here is schedule of this conference:

onday 2 May Themes and Perspectives

Conference Opening, Key Note addresses and Welcome Reception

Tuesday 3 May Internal Inventions and Discoveries in Business & Conference Dinner

The conference will comprise invited addresses from several jurisdictions that consider protecting business research and development from the perspectives of IP, workplace and employment law, competition and industry.

Wednesday 4 May Devices to Protect Business Research and Development from ‘Internal Attack’; Corporate Governance Issues

The conference themes will continue in the context of devices to restrain competition and protect discoveries and enforcement, three parallel workshops and corporate governance issues.

Closing of Conference

Conference official language is English. No translation service is offered.

You can check the for more details.

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