Conference “Tourism, Culture and the Creative Industries: Exploring the Linkages”

A lot of countries have identified tourism being an engine of growth which has the potential to bring about the economic, socio-cultural and environmental fabric of society.  Similarly, the cultural and inventive industries’ intrinsic value is well-established – but increasingly the creative industries happen to be recognised because of its significant economic impact as well as for enabling business across an array of economic sectors.

Tourism, Culture and the Creative Industries

Within the past few years, understanding and research about the cultural and inventive industries is continuing to grow exponentially and much more and more destinations are realizing that to be able to reengineer their tourism products, a stronger link between tourism, culture and also the creative industries is required. Notwithstanding the truth that the boundaries of creative industries haven’t been clearly defined, what’s been established is really a solid foundation for that nexus between these three areas.

From this background, this conference seeks look around the potential links between tourism, culture and also the creative industries and just how such connections can bring about a destination’s sustainable, economic, social and human development.  Ultimately, it’s hoped this conference will in some manner contribute to cross-disciplinary dialogues in tourism, culture and also the creative industries which could advance knowledge and exercise.

Join us for that University from the West Indies 2nd International Tourism Conference; Tourism, Culture and also the Creative Industries: Going through the Linkages. This year’s conference is going to be hosted through the Department of Management Studies, UWI, St. Augustine campus, Trinidad together with The Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ryerson University, Canada and London Metropolitan University, UK.

We greet you to the home of Carnival and Steel pan with this gathering, in which you will have the chance to meet a few of the foremost tourism and cultural experts worldwide. It’s the intent of those sessions to pay attention to a broad selection of topics which are related to tourism, culture and also the creative industries. The conference will even provide a forum for industry stakeholders, executives, consultants, government officials, tourism practitioners, members of the several creative industries, professional associations and groups, networks of cultural actors, graduated pupils and civil society organizations to understand more about issues of mutual interest whatsoever levels.  We welcome a mixture of theoretical and policy-oriented papers from the range of disciplines about the conference theme.

It’s no coincidence the Conference has been hosted 30 days before Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, that has been called the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.  A quantity of exciting field trips are now being planned towards the steel pan yards, the masquerade camps and also the calypso tents to be able to give participants possibilities to explore and experience firsthand the synergy between these three industries.

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