Conference ISAD 2012: Affective Disorders – Mind, Body and Society

Coming new students conference in 2012, A Major International Conference ISAD 2012: Affective Disorders – Mind, Body and Society. This conference will be held on 18 to 20 April 2012 in London, United Kingdom.

The primary aim of ISAD’s conferences is to promote research into the affective disorders through all relevant scientific disciplines, including neuroscience, psychopharmacology, genetics and the social and behavioural sciences.

Inter-disciplinary research approaches are particularly highly valued by the society. ISAD also aims to promote networking, exchange of ideas and experiences, and advance awareness of the consequence of mental health to global health and human development.

ISAD has a reputation for providing high level, well-balanced scientific programmes. The format for conference is a series of parallel symposia held over the 3 days of the conference. There is a keynote plenary lecture every day. There is also a strong emphasis on free oral communications and posters.

ISAD would like to invite symposium proposals on the following topics:

Topic List:

  • Comorbidity between affective and medical disorders
  • Integration of biological and psychological treatments
  • Managing comorbid mood / anxiety disorders and addictions
  • Cultural and gender variations in mood and anxiety disorders
  • Genetic and pharmacogenetic approaches to affective disorders
  • Brain stimulation approaches for mood disorders
  • Brain structure and function in affective illness
  • Service development for mood disorder
  • Pre-onset identification of affective illness
  • Mood and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents
  • Measurement challenges; innovative research designs in mood disorders
  • Epigenetics, prenatal exposure to stress and affective illness
  • Psycho-education, self-help, information and communication technologies
  • Mood and anxiety disorders in the elderly
  • The inflammatory cascade in the affective disorders
  • Update on suicide risk factors in affective illness

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Symposium Title
  2. Abstract – description of the focus of the symposium and topics that will be addressed
  3. Four suggested speakers
  4. Tentative topics for each speake
  5. Email addresses & affiliation for each speaker
  6. Confirmation that the proposed speakers have agreed to speak

The deadline for the receipt of submissions is May 2nd 2011. You can visit the for more details.

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