Conference on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Comunication Systems (Mobisec 2011)

College Conference: MobiSec’s aim is the unity of facts and communication technology in mobile cases. This unity is noticed in smart mobile devices, supported by the advent of incorporated, and next-generation, communication networks. For the reason that mobile communication and data processing receives a item, economy and society need defense of this valuable reference. Mobility and believe in networking go hand in hand for future generations of people, who require privacy and security at all levels of technology. MobiSec aims to create jointly the leading-edge of academia and industry in mobile systems security, along with professionals, standards developers and also¬† policymakers.

The Mobisec 2011 Conference will be held on 17 to 19 May 2011 in Aalborg, Denmark. You can read all information about this conference here at

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