EPIDEMICS³ – The Third International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

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Epidemics3 is a wide-ranging conference that broadly deals with infectious disease dynamics; to include field and laboratory studies as well as modeling. the international conference dedicated to the study of epidemic diseases and the dynamics of infection. Following the inaugural Epidemics¹ Conference in Asilomar, USA in 2008, and the second conference Epidemics² in Athens, Greece in 2009, both highly successful meetings, the organizers are pleased to announce that The Third International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics, EPIDEMICS³, will take place in Boston, USA, from 29th November to 2nd December 2011.

This conference will convene to share another three days of intense dialogue on our ideas, data, insight, models and methods related to epidemic studies. This conference invited speakers already reflect some of the breadth of what we hope to cover with talks on:

  • Infectious disease in conservation
  • The policy challenges to reducing the global burden of infection and epidemic disease
  • The evolutionary response of pathogens to our interventions
  • Extracting information from the deluge of sequence data
  • Emerging pathogens, disease and infection
  • Pandemic outbreaks and predictive modeling

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30 June 2011. The topics we expect to cover include the dynamics of infections of the whole range of host species: humans, wildlife, livestock and plants. We will discuss the dynamics of infections within hosts and of spread between hosts. We will cover the evolution and control of pathogens, and of the host responses that they must confront. Contributions may relate to epidemic diseases including dengue fever, Q-fever, blue tongue, chikungunya, yellow fever, influenza (H1N1, H5N1, and other variants), West Nile Virus, HIV and national/international preparedness to those epidemic or pandemic threats.

So if you work on the dynamics of infection or study epidemic disease, with or without a modeling component, join us in Boston for an exciting gathering of the infectious disease dynamics community. You can check the for more details.

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