Ethics, Morality, and Spirituality is the broad theme of XIII International Seminar

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New conference in India. The XIII Annual International Seminar will be organized on the Broad theme “Ethics, Morality, and Spirituality” from January 4-5, 2012 in Delhi, India.

The Technical Sessions will be as follows:

  • Role of Ethics and Morality in Business, Society, Government, and Governance


  • Role of Spirituality in Business, Society, Government, and Governance

  • Dynamics of Ethics, Morality, and Spirituality in International Relations


  • Law vis-à-vis Ethics and Morality


  • Research Papers Presentations on Contemporary Issues


  • (Accounting, IFRS, Finance, Micro Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, IT, IB, Productions and Operations Management, Construction Management, Supply Chain Management, Applied Economics, Rural Development, Inclusive Growth, sustainable development,  et al.)

Here are some past conferences:

1st    Management Education in the 20th Century: Lessons for  the 21st Century, held on January 8, 2000 at New Delhi.

2nd    Safety & Health Culture Through Training & Development, held on January 8, 2001 at New Delhi.

3rd     IT Education in the Non Formal Sector: Challenges and Quality Perspectives, held on January 9, 2002 at New Delhi.

4th     Online Education & Training: Challenges and Quality Perspectives, held on January 9, 2003 at New Delhi.

5th     Bio-Informatics: Emerging Dimension, held on January 7, 2004 at New Delhi.

6th     Education & Employment: Emerging Scenario in the Globalized Era at New Delhi

7th     Business, Government & Education: Emerging Dimensions, held on January 3, 2006 at New Delhi.

8th     Real Estate Development: Urban versus Rural, held on January 3, 2007 at New Delhi.

9th     Promoting & Managing spiritual Transformation in Health Care, held on January 3, 2008, New Delhi.

10th     Organized Retailing: Boon or Bane, Held on January 4-5, 2009, New Delhi

11th     Global Meltdown or Recession: India vis-a-vis Rest of the World, held on January 4-5, 2010, New Delhi

12th     Globalization of Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities, held on January 4-5, 2011, New Delhi.

You can read read more informations about this conference here at

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