Feapda congress 2011: Literacy in deaf Children

The FEAPDA congress 2011 will take place in the Netherlands, in Sint Michielsgestel. The topic of the congress will be “Literacy in deaf children”. This congress will held from 20 until 23 October 2011. During the congress, there will be four keynote speakers, from different countries. They will all talk about different aspects of literacy development. All countries that are member of FEAPDA have the possibility to give a country presentation.

Feapda congress 2011: Literacy in deaf Children
The federation has been running for 40 years. The aim of the federation is to look at issues concerning the education of deaf children and young people. A congress is held every two years in one of the member countries. The aim of these biennial congresses is to spread good practice, to hear about new developments in the field and to allow Teachers of the Deaf to meet each other to discuss their work with deaf children and young people. You can visit http://www.feapdacongress2011.eu/ for more informations.

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