Green Chemistry 2012 in Germany

International industry conference on the production of polymers and additives from sustainable sources. This conference will be held on 20-22 March 2012, in Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany, organised by Applied Market Information Ltd.

AMI’s 1st international conference on Green Chemistry in the polymer industry will take place from 20-22 March 2012 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany. Green Chemistry 2012 provides a forum for environment and sustainability managers, business development professionals, chemical engineers, plastics manufacturers, researchers, and suppliers to the industry to debate the latest developments in producing conventional polymers and additives from sustainable sources. There is a welcome reception on the first evening followed by a 2-day programme of presentations.

Conventional plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PET and nylon, have a well-established performance record in protecting and preserving food and water supplies worldwide, from high pressure pipes to thin film packaging.  The global population is expanding rapidly and fossil fuel supplies are dwindling, so the polymer supply chain needs to find alternative feedstocks to be sustainable. There is innovative technology to produce chemicals from a variety of sources including: biomass such as waste straw and rice husks (examples of white biotechnology and bio-based chemicals), municipal and industrial waste, carbon dioxide and methane.  The biomass industry is being driven by the need to replace petrol in vehicles with biofuels, but similar technology can also be used in the production of polymer raw materials and other fine chemicals.  There is also a need to reduce waste in landfill and innovative methods have the potential to turn rubbish into a profitable product.

In Brazil sugar cane is an abundant resource and has been used in the chemical industry for decades, however in many other parts of the world food is in short supply. There are regions where soil quality is too poor for food production, but which could be used to grow non-food crops, and at the same time generate new economic development.  In a separate experiment, in the United Arab Emirates there are trials underway to grow crops for the chemical industry which can be irrigated with sea water. Marine biotechnology is also advancing.

As well as using bio-sources as feedstock, there is a trend to use production methods from nature, particularly enzymes.  “There is nothing new under the sun” and this has been used for thousands of years, with yeast generating gas in bread and alcohol in beer. This opens up a lot of potential chemical pathways in combination with established thermocatalytic chemistry.

Green Chemistry 2012 offers an excellent networking opportunity to debate sustainable solutions to the polymer industry supply challenges.

Call for papers
Papers are invited on all aspects of this topic. If you would like to give a 25 minute PowerPoint presentation at this conference, please send a short summary to Dr. Sally Humphreys before the deadline of 16th September 2011. Speakers have a 30 minute slot and attend the conference free of charge. Email: [email protected]

Attending, Exhibiting and Sponsoring
There are early bird registration rates available now. If you would like to attend, exhibit or promote your company through one of our sponsorship packages, please contact Clara Fontana.  Email: [email protected] Tel: +44 117 924 9442

Why attend an AMI conference?

AMI conferences offer delegates the opportunity to meet and network. We develop programmes using the skills and contacts from within our own consulting business and choose topics and speakers with great care. More importantly we do not just organise conferences. AMI makes a major contribution to each conference it organises. AMI usually provides at least one, and sometimes several, keynote presentations at each conference. So you can be sure that when you attend our conferences, you will not only hear from industry experts, but also receive essential papers from AMI.

You can visit the for more details.

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