International Conference on Computer Communication and Management (ICCCM 2011)

College Conference: International Conference on Computer Communication and Management, ICCCM 2011 is going to be presented for the duration of 2-3 May 2011, in Sydney, Australia. ICCCM 2011 is designed to create collectively scientists, researchers, technicians, and scholar students to switch and discuss their experiences, fresh concepts, and study outcomes about every element of Computer Communication and Management  and talk about the sensible issues experienced and the answers implemented.

For your information, the conference is going to be organised annually making it an excellent program for people to discuss opinions and experiences in Security Science and Technology and linked fields. The ICCCM 2011 papers is going to be released in proceedings and Every the papers is going to be indexed by Thomson ISI Proceedings. With regards to ten chosen papers from the authorized ones will be released in the International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering (IJCTE, ISSN: 1793-8201) no cost of payment.

Conference Announcement / Call for papers

2011 International Conference on Computer
Communication and Management(ICCCM 2011)
2 to 4 May 2011
Sydney, Australia

The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 25 February 2011.

Enquiries: [email protected]
Web address:
Sponsored by: SIE, UniSA

So, you can visit the event website for more details about International Conference on Computer Communication and Management (ICCCM 2011).

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