International Conference on Renewable Energy Utilization (ICREU 2012)

There is a new renewable energy conference that will be held from 4 to 6 January 2012 in COIMBATORE, Tamilnadu, India. This conference is intended to focus on “Green Energy Networking” between energy professionals, environmentalists, researchers, energy policy makers, government organizations, and energy efficient product developers with unique opportunity to exchange innovative intellectual ideas and latest developments in renewable energy systems.  The conference will certainly provide for every one with many optimal solutions for energy sustainability and economically viable renewable alternatives.INTERNATIONAL CONFERNECE ON RENEWABLE ENERGY UTILIZATION (ICREU 2012)

The vision of these conference is to develop innovative tools for creation of commodious life with zero environmental damages by focusing on energy efficient renewable energy sources in all future energy related initiatives.

Objective ICREU 2012

The primary objective of this conference is to successfully establish a platform for technology dialogues and capacity building measures to identify meaningful pathways for the utilization of sustainable renewable energy systems.  This objective can be accomplished by integrating the following concrete achievable targets:

  • To accelerate and enhance the global utilization of renewable energy sources throughout the world, promoting an environmentally sound economic development.
  • To inspire new and innovative scientific developments and know-how in renewable energy technologies by facilitating the budding engineers to stimulate the technology transfer towards Research, Design and Development, particularly on socio-economic and policy-oriented issues.
  • To develop meaningful strategic approaches by combining various individual research and development activities and optimizing the synergies to integrate different projects in a well structured manner.
  • To facilitate the adoption of existing standards and norms and also to develop new standards closely associated with global standards of quality and non-discriminatory norms in renewable energy systems.

Contact ICREU 2012


Organizing Secretary, ICREU-2012,

Associate Professor (PG),

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

Coimbatore Institute of Technology,

Avinashi Road, Civil Aerodrome Post,

Coimbatore- 641 014.

Tamil Nadu. INDIA.

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +919629283060, +919942029372, +919842677633

You can visit the for registration and more details.

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2 Responses to International Conference on Renewable Energy Utilization (ICREU 2012)

  1. Michel Lee says:

    I ever joined this conference one year ago..In my opinion its really good conference. I got lots of info about renewable energy. And it really help my studies. Well by using renewable energy, we dont face the dreaded energy gap when our unrenewable fuels run out! But not just that, it helps the enviroment a great deal. Solar power provides a great source of renewable energy, and can even be harnessed on a cloudy day in England :D .

    However the amount of energy produced from a solar pannel can be sparse. Tidal power is great as its a good renewable source that rely’s on the sun and the moon, It is fairly powerful, however calm seas do not produce as much as stormy seas, therefore it may be hard to place all of these tidal power stations. Uranium, as well as being the best power source for the least amount of fuel, is very dangerous. To dispose of the radiation in the Uranium it must be buried under the ground, and to do that you run the risk of people digging it up and getting either severly hurt or death. Wind power is good, however the cost of the wind turbines is extremely high. Its all good though. So yeah it benefits the future, not sure if this is quite what your lookin for though :D ah well…So Recommende Conference for you Guys !!!

  2. Avanda Joseph says:

    I Loveeeeee energy conference …….It always debatable..

    I would DEFINITELY bring up the subject that the very same Republicans who want to keep subsidies for oil companies to “look into renewable energy” (as though their profits over last few years and the fact that there is a finite source of energy aren’t enough of an incentive) are the same people who want to cut the tax incentives for residences and regular businesses to embrace energy efficiency, solar power, wind power and other renewable energies.

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