International Law Conference: The Trickle Down Effect

The University of Edinburgh International Law Discussion Group will host a conference focusing on the effect of International Law at the domestic level. This conference will be held on On Wednesday to Friday, 4 – 6 May 2011, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK). International Law has a lot of topics but relatively some people out-with the field think about the implications and importance of International Law in the domestic context.

The conference look for to examine the effects of International law on domestic law and everyday activities of people/institutions at the domestic level. Unlike other Law conferences, this event is going to pose the more practical question about why International Law matters to all and challenge presenters to translate International Law into a language that can be used in the everyday context. The goal of these conference will be an chance for students of international law to consider of their subject area from an unique perspective and think about the relationship between International law and domestic law.

This conference organized by International Law Discussion Group (ILDG). The conference being run by PhD students for PhD students and early career academics and is being generously sponsored by the Scottish Centre for International Law, the Edinburgh Law School Postgraduate Research Committee and the University of Edinburgh Law School.

This is intended to be an chance to present short papers (20 minutes) relating to the thematic areas as indicated below and to interact with established academics/practitioners in the field:

  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • European Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Economic Law

You can visit the for more details.

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