e-learning Regional College Conference (eRC2011)

Today we want to share you upcoming college conference in anthropology topics, e-learning Regional College Conference (eRC2011) at Kuwait city, State of Kuwait. These conference is available for all college academic, such as Master, MBA, PHD, or Non Student.

e-learning Regional Conference (eRC2011) kuwait city

e-learning Regional Conference (eRC2011) kuwait city

e-learning Regional Conference (eRC2011)  event will be held on 28 – 30 March 2011. eRC2011 is designed to increasing the educational process and trying to find the growth of information and information established societies all over the work with of ICT and program of e-Learning in academic and educational colleges.

For your information about these conference, the timeline for publishing abstracts and entire papers is 20 November 2010. For a lot information, you can view some details about eRC2011 conference at Kuwait City:

Enquiries: [email protected]
Web address: http://www.erc2011.org
Sponsored by: Regional Centre for Development of
Educational Software, http://www.redsoft.org

So keep stay tuned at this site, you can get a lot of information another eRC2011 college conference.

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