New Conference:”Past is Present: History, Social Movements, and Justice”

College Conference: Upcoming conference named “Past is Present: History, Social Movements, and Justice”. This is third Annual Undergraduate and Graduate Student Conference at United States. Roosevelt University Sociological Society and History Club receive undergraduate and graduate students for a conference that were designed to question the minds, protest politics, and society of movements and occasions of social justice, past and present.

Past is Present History, Social Movements, and Justice Roosevelt University Conference

Past is Present History, Social Movements, and Justice

Basically these “Past is Present” conference support papers that produce this comparison, these conference furthermore allowed papers that seem to be at both historical social justice concerns or contemporary ones. This conference aim to promote debate all around disciplines on both the nature of issues dealing with communities as well as achievable ideas that can be pursued.

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 25 February 2011. The conference will be held on 1 April 2011 at Chicago, Illinois, United States. You can make registration at the event website for more details.


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