Pediatric Nurse Caribbean Cruise Seminar- Pediatric Predicaments: Common Presentations & Emergencies

Do you ever join a conference at sea ? If did, do you want to join it ? Okay, there is a good news for you. Join Pediatric Nurse Caribbean Cruise Seminar now! This conference will be held on 30 October 2011 to 6 November 2011 in Cruise Departing from Fort Lauderdale, FL., Florida, United States. Wow, thats amazing , isn’t? This conference concentrates on the most common pediatric presentations to the community hospital. You are going to start with a strong foundation in the differences among adult and pediatric anatomy and physiology, rapid from-the-door triage, and maintain with a review of the presenting pediatric conditions we observe the most from the main body systems, as well as from accidental/non-accidental trauma. Pediatric Nurse Caribbean Cruise Seminar- Pediatric Predicaments: Common Presentations & Emergencies

In the other hand, This conference will review development & communication skills as they relate to the pediatric patient, and common issues and problems of the adolescent patient. Class format encourages attendee participation and incorporates many case studies into the mix.

How About the accreditation?

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. This program is also approved by the American Association of Nurses Anesthetists (AANA) and the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC). Med-Ed is an approved provider by the following State Boards of Nursing.

So celebrate yourseelf by joining this seminar at sea for nurses. You are going to earn a portion of your needed CEUs while vacationing onboard a luxury cruiseship. Not only will you earn a simportant portion of your continuing education requirements, but you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet other professionals from various educational levels, specialties and cultures.
  • Attend seminars that are scheduled on days ‘at sea’ so you don’t miss a port of call.
  • Use Professional Development Days instead of all vacation days…
  • Travel onboard a luxury cruiseship, where your meals, entertainment and transportation to various exotic destinations are included in on low price!
  • Catch up on your much needed rest.
  • While onboard you can visit the spa, relax poolside with a good book, visit the casino, or simply do nothing; the opportunity is yours.

You can make a registration online at

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4 Responses to Pediatric Nurse Caribbean Cruise Seminar- Pediatric Predicaments: Common Presentations & Emergencies

  1. Tina212 says:

    I am starting there too!!! I am coming in as a transfer student so I do not have to do the prereq’s. I am starting on October 30.

    I was going to start on January 10th last year, but going on a cruise in October for a week and do not want to miss a week of class.

    Are you going to be in the day or evening program? I have to do the evening because I work full time. I think that it is a good school and program from what I have researched.

    • Christine2007 says:

      Hi Tina, Do you want to join in this conference ? I have been doing some research also I have heard good and bad things about the school… So I will have to check it out for myself… I have a app tomorrow with the school. Im not sure if I will do the day or evening class. I have to see how much financial aid with let me take out for loans.. I made to much last year for any grants are anything :.( R u taking out loans? )

  2. Tina212 says:

    I am only able to take out one loan because I have previous loans from the past so I am almost at the max for an undergrad ($57,000). What has killed me is all the interest and then I have been defering my payments all these years because I have been in school to complete my prereq’s.

    I know that you will really like Ann, she is so sweet and helpful. Sharon, who runs the front desk is also nice. I just got a real warm fuzzy feeling from the school.. I have research so many schools and all of them seemed to be out for the money and did not feel that way with Gurnick.

    I also declined getting my books from them along with the supplies (stethescope, BP cuff, penlight, bandage scissors) because that saves me $900. I have been able to purchase the books on and already have spent like $150 bucks for brand new or like new books. (Ann will give you the book list if you ask her)

    Also, I am finding that if you purchase the previous edition of a book, you also save money ( I bought the nutrition book for .99 cents on ebay that was brand new in the wrapper, just the previous edition).
    The book(s) are the same, just with a different cover. I got the drug dose calculations book (current edition) for example from for $10 and it was brand new still in the wrapper!!! I got the Med-Surg book from there too with the workbook in brand new condition in wrapper for $15. I still need to get the pediatrics, maternity, and mental health books. I am currently bidding on ebay for the previous edition of the maternity book that is brand new in the wrapper also and just got an email that I won the bid…I only have to pay $2 for that.

    I already had the stethescope, BP cuff, penlight and scissors that I got from my other program and bought those off of amazon for dirt cheap. I think my Littman stethescope was like $50, BP cuff $25, penlight $2, scissors $5.

    Just an FYI to save some money. Also, because I do not have to take the prereq’s and only one class for Module 1 (nutriton) which cuts my tuition down. Also, I am going on Tuesday to the WIA office (located at your local One Stop Career Center) to sign up for thier program…they will pay $4,000 of my program, so I am left with a balance of about $400 (that will be divided into 12 monthly payments)after I get my Pell and loan.

    Hopefully we can start together and then we can be study buddys if you want. I am already studying for class, because I know that when school starts, we are going to get slammed with homework and reading. Let me know what happens and when you get your books. I have the chapters we will cover in Med-Surg 1 and going through those now as well as the drug dose calculations and pharmacology. Send me a PM so we can exchange email addresses and phone #’s if you want more info on the WIA program or anything else.

  3. oloriegbe ofunami says:

    I am a nurse Educator in Nigeria (West Africa).i want to no how i will fit in and the processes involved.mail me soonest please

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