The Rest is History: Ireland, Performance and the Historical Imagination

college conference: This conference looks for to re-negotiate the archive of Irish theatre and satisfaction so that you can cast a light on those subterranean dramaturgies that are either characterised as the discontents of historical time or indeed, transmogrified within the historical thoughts.

Call for Papers The Rest is History: Ireland, Performance and the Historical Imagination

History is definitely created as a totalising narrative which attempts to submit all recalcitrant logics to a wave of progress. From finest those logics that can’t be effortlessly covered are variously characterised because irrational, but generally they’re just ignored inside the sands of time. Regarding Irish theatre and performance, that has had a perennial inspiration to hold a ‘mirror as much as the nation’, the overall performance of forgotten backgrounds results in a unusual issue; immediately those illogical and forgotten logics tend to be delivered into cinemas of national-popular sovereignty where these people interrogate and destabilize the actual imagined history of the actual people-nation.

This conference will organized by School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin. This conference also will be held on 15 to 17 April 2011 in Dublin, Ireland. So you can read the event website at for more details.


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