The 30th World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science

The 30th World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS2012) will be held 18 Aug 2012- 22 Aug 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Biomedical laboratory science plays a huge role in the private and public health care system around the world, providing excellent clinical laboratory service for that wellbeing of patients. It’s a great challenge to any or all biomedical scientists to help develop despite permanent changes (move together with constant changes) in medicine and public health areas and also the constant threat of explosive increases in costs.

World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science

It’s our main common aim to build up the profession of biomedical scientists and also to emphasize our role within the health care system. The 30th World Congress is really a global event and hosts a lot of biomedical scientists, researchers, laboratory workers and corporate executives from all over the world to discuss and share the most recent knowledge in biomedical laboratory science. Furthermore the congress will strengthen co-operation between relevant organizations and built networks between colleagues, scientists and friends in this scientific gathering.

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